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Towards a Global Standard for Donation, Procurement, Testing, and Distribution of HSC and Related Cellular Therapies Position Paper (revised 27 May 2008) 27-05-2008

Essential Elements - Cells & Tissues for Administration
This document is intended for use as a resource for new or developing programs. It does not contain the full requirements of standards but seeks to provide clear examples of compliance and additional detail to support basic quality system elements.
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Comparison of Cellular Therapy Standards

Crosswalk documents.
Note: These crosswalks were prepared for the purpose of providing basic information on organizational activities for global comparison and gap analysis. They ares NOT intended to be used as a reference or source document and are not endorsed by any of the participating organizations.  All standards are undergoing revision at the time of web posting.  Efforts will be made to update the information as soon as possible.  Users are directed to each organization’s standards and accreditation policies for reference and the crosswalk should not take the place of a thorough line-by-line review of the Standards.

1 Donor standards 13-12-2013 Labeling and Coding crosswalk
2 Scope & Definitions 13-12-2013 Labeling and Coding crosswalk
3 Regulation & Inspection 13-09-2010 Labeling and Coding crosswalk
4 Quality Management standards 15-07-2011 Labeling and Coding crosswalk
5 Cell Collection standards 14-10-2011 Labeling and Coding crosswalk
6 Labelling & Coding 07-06-2010 Labeling and Coding crosswalk
7 Cell Processing 15-07-2011 Labeling and Coding crosswalk


Import & Export Requirements
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This import- and export survey was originally started in 2003. In 2009 WMDA began updating the data and  you are invited to participate here.
The data already collected by this survey is available on the WMDA website under 'Regulatory'. 

EU Directive 2004/23/EC requirements for products sources from third countries.
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The EU Directive 2004/23/EC (article 9) says: Member States shall take all necessary measures to ensure that all imports of tissues and cells from third countries are undertaken by tissue establishments accredited, designated, authorised or licensed for the purpose of those activities, and that imported tissues and cells can be traced from the donor to the recipient and vice versa in accordance with the procedures referred to in Article 8. Member States and tissue establishments that receive such imports from third countries shall ensure that they meet standards of quality and safety equivalent to the ones laid down in this Directive.

AHCTA supports the creation of an international registry of tissue and cell establishments in order to facilitate this international movement of tissues and cells..

The Collection Center Data Form document is a first step in supporting this international registry. We ask that you can send this document to the collection centres you are working with or fill it in yourself. WMDA will put the information in an international registry database, so that you can easily retrieve the information.

WBMT  - 2nd Workshop, Salvador -Bahia, Brazil

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Overview and Standards Comparison (Derwood Pamphilon, JACIE) 31-03-2009

EU Commission-Competent Authorities Meeting, 30th May 2008, Brussels

Import-export issues for HPC (Ineke Slaper-Cortenbach, JACIE) 30-05-2008


ISCT Annual Meeting, Sydney, June 27, 2007

AHCTA Special Session at the ISCT meeting
Introduction 27-07-2007
EU regulations for import and export of cellular therapy products 27-07-2007
US Regulations for Import and Export of Cell Therapy Products 27-07-2007
Implementing Standards Across International Borders (Linda Kelley, FACT). 27-07-2007
Implementing Standards Across International Borders: The European experience(Ineke Slaper, JACIE) 27-07-2007
Australian experience in using international standards for cell therapies 27-07-2007